California Dreamin’

California Dreamin’

Cannabis for the Rest of Us

Seven Cities Bev. Co. is a startup that offers a wide variety of cannabis-infused sparkling fruit juices across California. Born with the mission of removing the stigma surrounding weed, in their ideal world, people will treat cannabis like they do alcohol—responsibly and with friends. Their flagship product, California Dreamin’ is this concept incarnate; low dose (10mg) cannabis-infused sparkling juice that’s all natural, has zero preservatives, and doesn’t pack the “weed-y” taste that many cannabis-tinctures carry.

We helped Seven Cities structure their brand architecture and strategy to allow for rapid growth, ultimately developing their corporate brand identity, flagship branding and package design system.

Read a more thorough account of how we approached their brand positioning here.


Branding / Package Design

California Dreamin’ is positioned like a craft beer—low dose and approachable, lab-tested for consistency and quality, and all natural ingredients for a healthy, great taste.