Asian-Fusion X Indy

Rook is one of the most exciting restaurants in Indiana. First opened as a lunch spot in a cramped, shotgun floorplan space, they’ve since moved to a larger location featuring a full bar and expanded all-day menu. Asian-fusion food, signature cocktails, insane specials and desserts—it’s easy to eat here and think, “Wow. Everything I’ve eaten in my life up to this point has been a complete farce. How can I go back, now that I’ve tasted a Hot Chicken Steam Bun and a 63° egg?” The fact is, you can’t go back. Sorry. But if you’re like me, you can at least go back to Rook, and eat these things as often as possible.

We were die hard fans of the original Rook concept, and were absolutely thrilled to work with Ed and Carlos to make a website for the newest incarnation of their restaurant. The site is responsively designed around their dynamite menu, and geared to help people find key info or make reservations as easily as possible. It’s styled eclectically to match the food, interior and attitude of the joint. Rook plays a carefully curated hip hop playlist—at any time, you can hop on their site to see which song is playing in the restaurant. Maybe it can send you a notification when your jam comes on? We’ll have to look into it.


Website Design

CODO is the only firm that my restaurant group trusts to handle our branding and web design. They make the whole process fun again.

Ed RudisellOwner, Rook