We’re proud to have helped a variety of organizations grow their business by finding what makes them unique and communicating it to the world. We’ve worked with nearly 50 craft breweries, James Beard Award-nominated restaurateurs, national e-commerce companies and 100 year-old nonprofits. We’ve revived heritage brands, worked with some of America’s top food artisans, and positioned niche, global category leaders. While our home is Indiana, our work has taken us all over the world. We’re just as happy working with someone in our backyard as we are thousands of miles from home.

No matter the company size, industry or location, the most important thing we look for in a project is smart people who are passionate about what they do. You might not know what makes you different and valuable or quite how to communicate it, but that’s why we’re here. Whether you’re defining your brand for the first time, breathing new life into an old brand or creating a brand extension, we got you.




You know yourself better than we do. That’s why it’s so important for us to really get to know your organization. We want to understand what makes you tick, what you value and how you’re different from your competitors. We do this by spending time with you and people who know you. Together we work to build a deep understanding of your company, culture, industry and how you’re different. You may even learn a few new things about yourself. Once we discover what makes you YOU, we work with you to define the key messages and compelling truths that make up the foundation of your brand. Finally we get into the work of expressing your newly discovered identity across the many ways people interact with you.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and build your brand? We are. Shoot us an email and let’s get started.



Since branding our first brewery partner in 2011, we’ve traveled all over the country, and increasingly, the world, to bring regional production breweries, brewpubs, nano breweries, farm breweries and contract breweries to market through brand strategy and positioning, naming, package design and web design.

Our thoughts on craft beer are regularly featured on leading industry magazines and websites and despite our blue language, we’re still invited to speak at beer industry conferences around the country. We’re also proud to serve as branding subject matter experts at the University of Vermont’s ‘Business of Craft Beer’ program where we remotely teach students from around the world about the finer points of brand strategy.

After years of working in this field, we gathered all of our experience into the Craft Beer Branding Guide, a step-by-step guide for branding and positioning your brewery. Originally published as a free online resource, it is now a printed book in partnership with Neenah Packaging.