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CODO & Big Lug on DRNK CLTR Podcast

Craft Beer Branding Trends & Horrible LinkedIN Posts

We had the privilege of sitting down with the DRNK CLTR podcast crew again a few weeks ago. In our first conversation with them back in 2017, we were discussing our newly released Craft Beer Branding Guide. This time around, we were able to include our longtime client and friend Eddie Sahm (Big Lug Canteen) in the mix.  

Search for Episode 124 of the DRNK CLTR show on iTunes, or listen to it on your browser (while you’re supposed to be working—we won’t tell).

We touch on the following:


Eddie’s burgeoning brewery and restaurant empire (and why we believe our work with him has been some of the most successful and authentic branding we’ve ever developed).

The craft brewing industry (where it’s been and where it’s headed) and some trends we’re seeing.

Cody’s bizarre LinkedIN posts (the podcast is worth a listen for this bit alone)

Big Lug’s popular new light lager Diät Pils (unofficially dubbed, “The Heaviest State’s Lightest Beer”)

How breweries and restaurants can stand out and compete in a hyper competitive market



If you haven’t heard of DRNK CLTR, it’s become on our favorite shows around the shop. Fabian, Jared and Hayley have spent the last few years talking to some of the coolest civic leaders, business owners, artists, food and beverage folks, and thought leaders in Indiana. It’s shined a light on some of the most exciting things happening in our little city and we’re honored that they’ve included us in the mix.

Listen to our first episode here.

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