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This space will house all of our Craft Beer, Rebranded resource videos. We’ll be adding new content throughout 2020, so check back from time to time (or sign up for our newsletter) to keep up with new releases.


Episode 1: Rebrand vs Refresh

For the first video in our Craft Beer, Rebranded series, we’re going to be discussing the differences between a brand refresh and a full rebrand. This is a concept that we call “Evolution vs. Revolution.”

Episode 2: Weighing Your Brewery’s Brand Equity

In this video, we’ll be discussing how to conduct a brand audit ahead of your brewery’s rebrand to weigh your brand equity.

Episode 3: The Most Common Reasons Breweries Rebrand

In this Craft Beer, Rebranded video, we’re going to explore the most common reasons that breweries rebrand. In all our travels and work, it’s interesting that a 5 year old brewery often deals with similar pain points as a 25 year old brewery. They’re at different scales, sure, but the core of the problems are the same.

Episode 4: How (& Why) to Frame Your Brewery’s Core Values

In this Craft Beer, Rebranded video, we’ll be discussing how (and why) your brewery needs to frame its core brand values.

Episode 5: How to Position Your Craft Brewery

Here’s how to position your brewery + some practical tips for categorical differentiation.

Episode 6: Using Brand Architecture to Grow Your Brewery

Let’s discuss a few different approaches for brand architecture, including a branded house vs a house of brands, brand extensions and line extensions.

Episode 7: How to Frame Your Brewery’s Brand Essence

Let’s walk through how to frame your brewery’s brand essence and voice.

Episode 8: How to Define Your Brewery’s Audience.

How (and why) to define your brewery’s audience during your rebrand, plus audience segmentation and how to build customer personas.