COLLABORATION: The creative process needs to be inclusive and collaborative.

We believe a company’s brand is as important as their product or service itself. And to truly understand what’s compelling and different about them, we have to work as intimately as possible with them throughout the entire creative process. Collaboration is, and always will be king. Learn more about our Hands-on Branding process here.


CRAFT: We’re only as good as our last project.

We do the best work we can possibly do on every project, no matter the client, industry, or budget. Without world class design, none of what we do would matter. To support this, we use as much time as necessary for collaborative concept development. This is further refined through a rigorous bloodbath internal critiquing process, creating a much more pleasant experience for us and our clients.


CONTEXT: We see every project with new eyes. 

Every single client has different needs, hopes and dreams. There’s no one size fits all solution, and it’s our job to work with them to frame these opportunities and figure out how to make the most appropriate, beautiful, compelling work.




We’re purposely small.

We graduated from college and founded CODO the following Monday. Through hard work, brave clients, and a healthy dose of luck, we’ve grown to a 5-man team. We work with a select number of clients every year and have never taken on ‘filler’ work to keep the lights on.


We keep our heads down and do the work.

We believe that awards are mostly an exercise in vanity, and that our work should be judged on quantifiable metrics, happy clients, and gobs of earned media. This is much more fulfilling than receiving a trophy from some asshole creative director who hasn’t actually designed anything in 15 years. There are no rockstars here—just a driven, hardworking team.


We’re flat—we have no tiered titles and zero bureaucracy.

When you work here, whether as an intern, or a grizzled vet, you’ll be working on every project that comes through our doors. We have an open office where everyone is free to speak their mind at any time, and we foster a culture that promotes creativity, collaboration, and community.


We value our team’s work/life balance.

Outside of CODO, we’re gardeners, cyclists, wood workers, home-rehabbers, obscure B-movie VHS collectors, anglers, writers, readers, barbecue fiends, audiophiles, home brewers, Indianapolis-promoters, guinea pig aficionados, dog people, cat people, family people. By having flexible hours and a relaxed work environment, our team is able to concentrate on the work at hand and then go home to do whatever it is that makes them tick afterward.