450 North Brewing Co.

450 North Brewing Co.

Indiana’s Small Batch Brewery

450 North Brewing is a brewpub and production brewery in Columbus, Indiana. We first worked with David, Daron and Aaron back in 2012 on a line of farm-inspired flagship cans. Since then, the beer industry has shifted dramatically to favor smaller, more frequent releases. Rather than run away from this trend, 450 North leaned into it and has become one of the most popular small batch can release breweries in the country (often completely selling out multiple 20bbl releases in less than an hour).

We’ve created hundreds of fun, weird labels (some serialized, some completely as one-off’s) for them on a continual basis for the last eight years, and enjoy getting to continually build out their lineup. Read more about how they’ve built this business model over on our blog.


Branding / Package Design / Marketing

450 North is one of the most exciting breweries in the ‘Rotation Nation’ phenomenon. They’ve been steadily releasing super-hyped small-batch cans for years and have had to expand multiple times (including building a new production brewery) to keep up with demand.