Big Lug Canteen

Big Lug Canteen

Rethinking the Brewpub Experience

Brewpubs have a certain look; dark wood, reclaimed everything, industrial finishes—the entire industry is hellbent on dwelling within hyper-masculine beer dungeons. Eddie and Scott wanted to turn this canon on its head and create an airy, fun, bright brewpub in Nora, Indiana. For over a year, we took them through our Hands-on Branding Process en route to developing brand foundation (naming, messaging, brand essence, and positioning), a modular identity system, copywriting, print menu system, drinkware, huge environmental signage, merch, tap handles, keg collars, festival kit, and a fully responsive, menu-forward website.

You can read an extensive behind-the-scenes look at this branding process, including all the ups and downs that can occur when bringing a new brewery to market, over on our blog.


Branding / Website Design / Environmental Design / Marketing

We didn’t really know what we wanted, but we knew what we didn’t want. In the end, our branding made us a little excited and giddy because it was what we both had in mind but couldn’t express. We highly recommend CODO, but mostly because they’re handsome.

Eddie SahmOwner, Big Lug Canteen