Centerpoint Brewing

Centerpoint Brewing

Precision Engineered Beer

What do you get when a gaggle of engineers come together to brew beer? If the result is anything like Centerpoint Brewing’s output, you can bet I’ll be there, sipping and nodding politely while smart folks rap about the finer points of residual alkalinity and bicarbonate ions. Three graduates of Rose-Hulman’s renowned engineering program have brought their balanced, flavorful and precise brand of beer to the Circle City Industrial Complex—complete with a laid back, old-industry style tasting room and an impressive, self-installed 30 barrel brewing system. Like all things beer, the proof is in the glass: Centerpoint’s beers are balanced, flavorful, and above else, accessible.

We worked with their team to develop a visual identity for their sweet-spot brand, ultimately landing on an unassuming plumb bob as central imagery for their ubiquitously on-point offerings. From there, we developed a suite of “precision engineered” design elements to support marketing efforts and packaging that are helping them grow among newcomers and beer aficionados alike.


Brand Identity / Package Design