Crafted Taste

Crafted Taste

Branding a Cocktail Subscription Box

Crafted Taste is one of the most popular cocktail subscription boxes in the country. Exactly as it sounds, every month you receive ingredients, tools, and recipes to make high-end craft cocktails. While Kat was an early player in this space, it’s become a highly competitive industry with new offerings popping up almost weekly. Amidst a renewed interest in American cocktail culture, it’s easy to see how these services have become so popular.

Seeing this trend, Kat reached out to CODO to solidify Crafted Tastes’ branding and positioning as a premium service. All told, we handled Crafted Taste’s brand identity system, created a suite of custom icons, package design, recipe cards, stationery, packing tape, custom swizzle sticks (seriously, swizzle sticks!), and directed a photo shoot to drive new marketing.

Read a more thorough behind the scenes look at the entire branding process here.


Branding / Package Design

Without a brick and mortar location for customers to experience, package design becomes your most crucial branding consideration. You could argue it’s as important as the service offered itself.

CODO dug deep into my brand and really understood my intentions. They delivered a logo and package design that beautifully communicates our core values, as well as a look that’s ready for a global spotlight.

Kat RudbergOwner, Crafted Taste