Fernson Brewing Co.

Fernson Brewing

Branding South Dakota’s Beer

Fernson Brewing Co. is a regional production brewery in beautiful Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When we first met Derek and Blake, they had a solid business plan and a location pinned down. What they didn’t have was a name, brand identity, or package design. We had a lot of fun traveling and drinking our way through Sioux Falls working with them to put a face to the Fernson name as well as design packaging for their flagships, Fernson Farmhouse Ale and Fernson IPA.

Founded in early 2015, they’ve already expanded production and are eyeing much wider distribution. Keep your eye on these guys, they’re going to be making national waves very soon.

Check out this deep-dive look, capturing our ponderous cross-country trip here.


Branding / Package Design

Living in the Midwest or living in the Plains states; it’s not dissimilar. It’s like being trapped inside a blank canvas. More than your typical dime-a-dozen craft brewery was clawing its way to life here. Derek and Blake, imaginations running full-tilt, were out to create an entire person—a legend—from thin air.