Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co.

Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co

Closing the Loop on a 200 year Trajectory

When Greg Smith first contacted us to brand a new beer project, we thought he was pulling our leg. Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co. is a production brewery in Carrollton, Georgia that honors Greg’s family story: a great, great, great grandfather in Germany opens a brewery in 1800. His son immigrates to the United States in 1911 where he opens a printing company. Several generations later, Greg still runs that printing company. Home brewing all the while, Greg decides to go pro.

We worked with him to develop a strong identity, marrying a beautiful old Jobber press with graphic novels and just a skosh of punk rock. We designed his core lineup of beers to stand out in a crowded Georgia market; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are named after the inks that print shops use every day. Then, we designed and launched a fully-custom responsive website to help tell the Smith family story. We hope you will agree: what these guys are up to is no joke.


Branding / Package Design / Website Design / Marketing

Printer’s Ale’s branding draws heavy inspiration from the beautiful visual vocabulary or printing—registration marks, halftones and all the lovely imperfections that can arise through the process if putting ink to paper.