Tinker Coffee Co

Tinker Coffee

A Poppy Brand Refresh

We’ve been fans of Tinker Coffee since they founded back in 2014 (right around the corner from our old office). We’ve watched them grow in leaps and bounds since then and were thrilled when they reached out to discuss refreshing their branding, packaging and a variety of important touchpoints. 

This kicked off a year long effort to refine their brand strategy and positioning en route to handling an important brand brand identity update, revamped packaging, merch and an eCommerce website overhaul. 


Brand Strategy / Brand Identity System / Package Design / Merch Design / Website Design & Development

Our experiences with the entire CODO team have all been fantastic. As we were developing an updated brand identity, CODO dove deep into the details of exactly who we are as a company and who we wanted to be. They interviewed our entire staff and made discoveries that we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on our own, with the end result being a representation of our brand that everyone felt proud to introduce to the world. One of our favorite things about working with CODO has been their ability to honor the legacy of the brand we’ve built while simultaneously extending our brand presence into new creative directions that keep us relevant and exciting to our customers. These folks do their homework and it shows.

Steve HallCo-Founder, Tinker Coffee Co.